6 Benefits Of Foot Massage!


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We all spend hours daily grooming ourselves. Brushing our hair and taking care of our face. But what misses most of our attention are the feet. Probably because we don’t realize how much wellness and rejuvenation ability our feet holds.

It’s amazing how a short foot massage session can bring so much relieve to the body. Eliminating stress, pain and anxiety.

Though, all the claims of practitioners are not yet backed by scientific research. The practitioners believe that foot massage or reflexology can work since it is based on the ancient Chinese medicine theory.

Ancient Chinese Medicine Theory:

Therapeutic foot massage is being practiced since 5000 years in China. The therapy is based on the Chinese medicine theory which believes in a force called Qi. The force Qi, is made up of two opposing forces known as yang and yin. Both the forces need to be in balance for a healthy body.

The paths along which Qi flows through the body are described as meridians. Meridians are communication channels within the body. The movement of Qi is blocked when a persons yin and yang are unbalanced which causes both mental and physical dysfunctions.

The practitioners can unblock the flow of Qi by manipulating the meridian surfaces known as acupoints. Our feet offer a wide network of such acupoints that can be manipulated to restore the flow of Qi to every part of the body.

6 Benefits Of Foot Massage:

1 . Promotes Relaxation

In reflexology, there are a lot of reflex points with different functions and benefits. One of them is the solar plexus reflex. It can be found on the feet by drawing an imaginary line from your third toe down to the place where you feel a small ball. This reflex point is known as the center of all the stress. Pressing on this point can release stress and get you in a deep state of relaxation, if done properly.

2. Improves Blood Circulation

High levels of stress causes poor blood circulation. Since the blood is responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients to every muscle and cell of the body. And also to remove the toxins and waste. Foot massage can help in improving blood circulation by triggering relaxation and eliminating stress.

3. Helps with Edema

Edema is when swelling is caused in the feet due to fluid retention. Getting your feet massaged by your partner, friend or a professional reflexologist can alleviate edema by a lot. This condition is usually really common during the last trimestor of pregnancy.

4. Promotes Better Sleep

Studies have found foot reflexology to be helpful in promoting better sleep. If you’re getting a foot massage for restful sleep, then try getting one before bed for best results. A good foot massage will ease your nerves, get rid of fatigue and get you in a deep state of relaxation which is all that you need for an amazing sleep.

5. Relieves Migraines

Migraines are a product of stress, food allergies, alcohol and drastic weather changes. Reflexologists cure the causes of migraines by manipulating the flow of Qi through acupoints. It is always better to get an appointment from a professional reflexologist. But if you want to give self-massage a try. Then massage the whole ankles with moderate thumb pressure to relieve migraines. Though, avoid using it in pregnancy. Since it is believed that acupoints around the ankles can send a women into labor.

6. Fights Depression

Depression is something we all have to face it our life. And reflexology is a great therapy to deal with it. According to a study conducted in 2002, reflexology was found effective in reducing depression in postmenopausal women. To cope depression and increase emotional stability with reflexology, apply moderate thumb pressure on the center of the big toe. For best results, do this multiple times a day.

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