Massage is it good for letting go? Part one of Eyn’s table talks

  1. For some time I’ve thought about why I love Massage and to be honest there are several reasons. But one of the best is letting go and  it’s good to let go in a massage, it releases the tension and allows the L.M.T. to do there best. But we understand it’s not that easy, if it was we probably wouldn’t have a massage Business at all. But please try to find your happy place and try to relax, remember it’s to your benefit.
  2. As for letting go emotionally. Letting go emotionally with your therapist is something that happens and is noting to be ashamed of. It is my goal when I have a new client on my table, that they know there in control and help them feel at ease. 
  • So if you find yourself in my office or on my table, be sure I’m going to help to let go and relax. After all it’s your time I’m just sharing it with you. 
  • Table talk by Eyn C. Fessenden LMT

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