Eyns feelings on Kombucha

Please read the shape.com article if you know nothing about Kombucha so that we are on the same page, thank you.

Ok, so after reading this article I have some things to say about Kombucha. I’ve been brewing this tea for over a year now and I agree that if not handeled right it can be bad for you or even deadly. But let me be clear, if not treated right so can any other food or drink! Kombucha isn’t for everybody, I understand that, but it’s helped some of us and we believe in the proper handling of our tea. Be healthy, be happy, and if you don’t like it that’s fine, we are all different. But if you’d like to give it a try, find a responsible brewer, and I hope you find it as helpful as I have.

Cheers and here’s to your health and happiness from me to you Eyn.

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