3 Benefits of a Chair Massage

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When you think of getting a massage, you might think of an hour-long process where you are lying out on a massage table, having your full body treated by a professional massage therapist.
But often times you might not make time for a massage as often as you would like to, and you find yourself getting stressed and tense in between your massages. As a result, some people have found that chair massages are a good way to bring relaxation into their lives on a more regular basis, without requiring as much time or money as the full-body massage.
What is a chair massage? A chair massage is a shoulder, neck, and upper back massage that takes place in a specially designed chair. The massage might also include the arms and hands and part of the lower back. This type of massage generally does not manipulate muscles deeply like a full-body massage, but it is designed to relax the muscles and improve flexibility and movement.
Typically a chair massage lasts 15-30 minutes, and is usually billed by the minute—some chair massage practitioners charge $1 per minute. Others may charge slightly more or less. You might see chair massage practitioners in airports, shopping malls, corporate offices, or even grocery stores. Many people find that these are ideal places to take a few minutes for yourself, and help relieve your tensions.
Some of the benefits of chair massage are:
1. It’s faster and less expensive than a full-body massage
Many chair massage practitioners charge $1 per minute, and offer sessions lasting in the range of 15-30 minutes. If you don’t have time in your schedule for a full-body massage, this may be a good alternative
2. It’s conveniently located
Many times, massage chair practitioners set up booths in places where people are waiting in line, or in places where they know people are feeling rushed or stressed, like shopping malls and airports. By taking just 15 minutes out of your day, you can help alleviate your stress and increase your sense of well-being.
3. It’s no-fuss and simple
Because you don’t have to lie down or change your clothes for a chair massage, it can be done “on the spot.” Clients can walk right up to the chair massage practitioner, take a seat, and be finished with the massage in about 15 minutes. Usually there is no need for an appointment.
Like all massages, you should communicate with the practitioner when receiving a chair massage. The practitioner will ask you how certain pressure feels, and you should respond honestly so that they practitioner can massage your muscles in the best way for you to leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
This article was provided by the Harris School of Business, which offers a massage therapy training program in five locations in New Jersey and Delaware. Our campuses have on-site massage clinics that are run by our students and open to the public. Through these clinics, students have an opportunity to gain hands-on experience while practicing their massage skills. To learn more about our program, simply fill out our online form, and a representative will contact you.

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