What is deep tissue Massage?

What is deep tissue Massage? 

By Eyn Feessenden LMT

People often ask 

what is deep tissue?

Is it like Swedish Massage?

Should I try it?

Well, here’s my answer!

Swedish Massage is relaxing and is like melting the muscles like butter, but deep tissue is breaking through and breaking up the adhesions causing relief from stuck muscles or fascia constriction. You can sleep and not think about what’s going on, but with deep tissue your awake and being asked about how you feel often. It is intense and not for those looking for relaxing light or soothing massage. What is really key is Communication with the therapist so that the focus area or areas can be addressed. If your not into high pressure or not sure, please check with your therapist and be clear that you know what you are asking for. As an LMT I want my clients to be happy with there session, as I tell my clients “if you feel you want to try it we can end the deep work at any time” so that there’s no push either way. In the end it’s up to you, just be clear you know it’s what you want. It’s still pressure and I do more then one level of deep tissue cause it’s what I do, so you can still ask for lighter pressure in a deep tissue massage.

If you didn’t like my answer , maybe this article from Fremont.edu will.

Deep tissue is for those who want intense work!

massage therapyWhen you think of a massage, you probably think of soothing music, a gentle brush of hands softly kneading the stress from your shoulders, maybe even of a loved one offering to rub your back after a long day at work. While some massages can be soothing, and rely on gentle touches to work out a client’s stress or anxiety, there are other massages that have a little more grit to them. For example, the Deep Tissue massage, which is very similar in style to the Swedish massage, utilizes some of the same techniques as its much gentler cousin; Deep Tissue massages, however, are designed to focus on the deeper layers of muscle tissues and fascia, the protective layer that surrounds muscles and joints. Working out these harder to reach muscles will require more pressure, making the Deep Tissue massage slightly uncomfortable, gritty and highly effective.

Link to oringnal article https://fremont.edu/deep-tissue-massage/

If you any questions feel free to ask by sending me an email at eynsmassage@gmail.com

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