5 Tips for Busy People to Lower Stress and Live a Better LifeLive happier by eliminating the amount of stress in your life.

5 Tips for Busy People to Lower Stress and Live a Better LifeLive happier by eliminating the amount of stress in your life.
By Suzanne Winchester

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Take a Yearly Vacation that Focuses on Life Transformation

Studies show that when busy people take a yearly week-long vacation, they perform better at work and are less stressed. Not only should taking a yearly vacation be your goal, but taking one that offers various life transformation components will provide for an even more advantageous and relaxing time away from the office. Set your target on finding an all-inclusive yoga resort in a location far away from commercialism and social distractions. In other words, going to a yoga resort located in places like Cabo San Lucas or the Florida Keys wouldn’t be as healing as going to one in Costa Rica or somewhere in the jungles of India. The idea is to remove yourself from distractions, and find a yoga resort that is run by true yoga gurus, and not some guy who used to be a yoga instructor on a cruise ship. Many of these yoga resorts in Costa Rica offer various yoga classes, as well as other complementary offerings like plant medicine rituals, spas, wellness programs, and activities that unite guests with Mother Nature. By attending one of these yoga resorts once a year, you can lower your stress and live a better life.

Change Your Diet
Did you know that certain foods help combat stress? According to a news feature by Fox, foods that can lower your stress include green vegetables like broccoli and kale because their nutrients replenish the body. Also, a German study in ‘Psychopharmacology’ found that vitamin C in oranges lowers blood pressure and brings cortisol levels to normal ranges. A study from ‘Diabetes and Metabolism’ also found that cortisol levels can be normalized by eating fish like salmon high in omega-3 fatty acids. It is also beneficial to eat a handful of nuts every day. Almonds help boost your immune system due to being high in vitamins E and B, and walnuts and pistachios help lower blood pressure, as does the monounsaturated fats in avocados. By cutting processed foods out of your diet and replacing them with some of these stress-reducing consumables, you can feel better and live a healthier life.

Get a Life Coach

Even if your life seems great, if you suffer from stress something is off balance, and a skilled life coach can help you uncover where that stress originated from, what fuels it, and together you your coach can work together to remove the roadblocks. Often, people who begin working with a life coach don’t even know what their true desires are, or what is holding them back from living the best life possible. This can cause stress, even if the root is not at a conscious level. We spend so much time focusing on career and family that often we get lost in who we are, and we lose that all-important connection with our authentic self. A life coach helps you balance all the important things in your daily schedule, but also helps you set time to focus on yourself, which ultimately leads to less stress and a significantly happier existence.

Exercise or Pursue an Active Hobby

There are hundreds of studies proving that physical activity reduces stress. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America published a survey showing that seven out of ten American adults suffer from stress, and exercise was the most common method for combating their stress symptoms. If you can find one hour to spare in the gym before heading into work (at least three days a week) your body will release endorphins that actually make you happy. If you simply loath gyms, at least find a physical activity and turn it into a hobby you engage at least once a week. Cycling, scuba diving, rowing, or boxing may not give you the same workout you would get doing cardio and weightlifting in a gym, but these physical activities will keep you active enough to be beneficial. Just by being this physical, and doing something fun, you can kill your stress and improve your life’s quality.

Get a Weekly Massage
This is last but not the least tip to live a stress free life for busy people. You might have heard of relaxing massage but if you haven’t personally experienced this, you should try this out once in a week. You need to take out an hour or two from your schedule every week or you may schedule this outside your working hours or days. Take a note here that you need a good massage therapist and you may ask friends for referrals or you can find them by simply Googling near you. While getting massage don’t think too much about your work and get rid of your phone. Getting massage once a week will relax your body, mind and make you more energetic at work. Your personality will improve and it’ll give you a shine with soft and radiant look.

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