5 Things Not To Do After Your Massage 

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At the end of your massage, the therapist will leave the room and it will be time for you to face the world once again. Get up slowly from the table. Massage therapy can make a person feel light-headed or dizzy, this feeling is normal. Injury may be possible if you do not take your time. Allow your blood flow to readjust. Do not hurry. If you feel you need a moment after you are dressed, ask your therapist for a place where you can sit quietly before leaving
Run A Marathon.
You will want to avoid any unnecessary strain on your muscles after your massage. You may feel like you can move mountains, but your muscles have just received a workout during the massage. Your therapist has just spent the last hour stripping, pulling, and lengthening the muscle. You increase the risk of damaging muscle after it has been manipulated. Allow yourself sufficient time (usually 24 hours) to ‘recover’.
Have A Beer.
Massage releases “toxins” or impurities that have accumulated in muscle tissue. After your therapy, you should increase your water intake to twice your normal fluids. Increasing your water helps to flush the toxins from your system and helps to hydrate the muscles. If possible, avoid drinking alcohol, coffee, tea or eating anything with caffeine for the remainder of the day. Caffeine has a diuretic effect on the body and increases your body’s need for more water, thus taxing your filtering organs more. This may also help alleviate soreness following your massage.
Forget Your Therapist’s Name.
Massage works best cumulatively. In other words, the more you have massages, the better you will feel. So schedule your next massage before you leave. There are no contraindications to having too much massage. Some people receive weekly massages while others prefer to do so monthly. Listen to what your body is telling you.
If you can follow the preceding information, your massage experience can last much longer than the moment your therapist leaves the room. Apart from the initial bliss, you will take the health benefits with you to your next massage appointment.

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