Massage in the management of bedridden patients.

A bedridden patients is one who spends most or all of his time in bed. This would be caused by a disease that limits him to the convenience of the bed. This would due to a condition that limits him to the confines of his bed. Massage is recommended for these patients as if they are left alone, healing and their wellbeing would deteriorate.
For most bedridden patients, it is paramount for them to have a special mattress specifically designed for the bedridden. This mattress is crucial as it offers massage to the superficial muscles. However, it is not enough to use a mattress only as the bedridden requires as much care as much as possible. This is mostly due to the fact that as these patients do not move most, their muscles atrophy (waste away).
To avoid this, it is advisable to always perform massage to patients at least twice a week. The benefits that come with this are many. To begin with, the patient receives increased blood flow to the muscles. The blood flow helps as circulation is improved. This will in turn help in the distribution of oxygen and nutrients to these parts. The massage also helps in exercising of the muscles which will prevent atrophy. it is always advisable to consult the patient as you progress with the therapy. This will enable you to work within the comfort of the patient without necessarily causing pain or discomfort.
For maximal benefit to be realized, the massage should be done in soft strokes. This in particular relieves the tension that was in the muscles. This leads to improved respiration which in turn affects the heart rate as the blood pressure reduces due to the increased circulation.
The massage is also recommended because it stimulates flow of the lymph fluid which transports food to the muscles. The lymphatic system also carries the antibodies which are involved in the healing process. Stimulation through the muscle improves flow of lymph, which produces healing and relief from pain to the patient.
Bedridden patients who have had a history of massage therapy have been reported to be lively, more positive and willing to interact. They are also known to recover quicker than those without massage therapy. It is therefore of great importance to follow on massage requirements for bedridden patients as it improves their wellness, physical and mental requirements, enabling them to heal faster. For those old or terminally ill, it brings about reduced pain and a more positive attitude towards life.

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