3 Ways to Alleviate Neck & Back Pain at the Office

 3 Ways to Alleviate Neck & Back Pain at the Office

By nearsay.com

July 18, 2018Mccully – Moiliili, Honolulu

3 Ways to Alleviate Neck & Back Pain at the Office, Honolulu, Hawaii

Working at a computer all day causes all sorts of short and long-term side effects, with the most common being neck and back pain. Fortunately, you can combat these issues with some simple changes. From improving posture to pain-alleviating massages, here are a few ways to reduce work-related spine pain.
How to Relieve Neck & Back Pain at Work

1. Support Your Spine With the Right Chair

If you work in an office, you live in the space for eight or more hours per day, so it doesn’t seem unreasonable to invest in high-quality furniture. Purchase an ergonomic desk chair that supports your full spine with adjustments for your height, arm, and leg measurements. This model will keep your vertebrae in alignment, improve your posture, and reduce pressure at the top of your spine.
2. Get Up & Stretch Often

massageEven if your office setup is comfortable, your muscles will still tighten when you sit in the same position for hours on end. Address this problem by getting up, moving around, and stretching every hour. Complete simple stretches or practice a few yoga moves that focus on neck, back, and shoulder mobility. This process prevents your muscles from stiffening, thus reducing tension-related pain.
3. Schedule Regular Massages

Massage therapy will alleviate the negative physical side effects of office life. Studies have shown that weekly massages are beneficial for neck and back pain. With a variety of massage methods available, including hot stone, lomi lomi, and deep tissue, you and your masseuse will find the right technique and appointment frequency for your needs.
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