5 Ways Massage Can Boost Your Overall Health

5 Ways Massage Can Boost Your Overall Health 

October 16, 2018

By nearsay.com

Mccully – Moiliili, Honolulu

5 Ways Massage Can Boost Your Overall Health, Honolulu, Hawaii

When is the last time you treated yourself to a massage? By booking a massage today, you are not only getting some much-needed personal time, but also countless health benefits. Learn more about the many ways that visiting a massage center can improve your well-being. 
How Does Massage Support Health And Wellness?

1. Pain Management

No matter your profession, daily life can take a toll on your body. Massage can help control lower back pain, fibromyalgia symptoms, headaches, and arthritic pain. This natural method will get to the root of the pain and release tension in your body. 
2. Stress Reduction

massage centerEveryday stress can lead to muscle tension, disrupted sleep, and a lack of alertness. A massage therapist will release this tension and leave you feeling at ease. You’ll walk out of the massage center with a clear head and relaxed body, so you can feel ready to take on the days to come. Over time, lower stress levels lead to improved digestion and higher immunity. 
3. Improved Circulation

A massage can boost the body’s circulation, increasing blood flow to the brain, muscles, and other organs. You can expect to experience fewer muscle aches and tired days. Massage can also increase the flow of lymphatic fluid, which removes metabolic waste and lowers blood pressure. 
4. Increased Joint Mobility

Whether you sit at a desk or are living with arthritis, everyone can benefit from increased joint mobility from massage. For athletes, massage can bring more range of motion to the muscles and joints. Massage therapists are trained to address your specific joint concerns, so be open with them about your pain areas. 
5. Faster Injury Recovery

Following a sports injury, the road to recovery may seem challenging. Fortunately, massage therapy encourages the healing of soft tissues since it stimulates blood flow and decreases inflammation. Athletes should look for a massage center that specializes in working with active individuals. 
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