3 Ways Couples Massage Will Benefit Your Relationship

3 Ways Couples Massage Will Benefit Your Relationship June 19, 2018

By nearsay.com

 Mccully – Moiliili, Honolulu

From watching new releases at the cinema to dinner reservations, many romantic partners tend to stick to traditional date ideas. If you are looking for a new activity to enjoy with your loved one, there are several reasons to add a couples massage to the to-do list. Here is insight into how a massage therapy session together will help strengthen your relationship.
3 Reasons to Book a Couples Massage With Your Partner

1. Enjoy Quality Time Together

Honolulu-Hawaii-couples-massageA couples massage will give you quality time with your partner without ringing phones, text message alerts, or additional distractions. You can spend the time having a face-to-face conversation or simply relax in one another’s company. 
2. Reduce Stress & Anxiety Levels

Sometimes it can be hard for people to leave the stresses of life out of their romantic relationships. Enjoying a couples massage is a way for both partners to relax. The treatment releases hormones that help reduce stress and anxiety levels, so you will both feel calmer after the treatment. 
3. Heightens Affection

Beyond helping relieve stress, couples massage can also boost affection levels. Touch increases people’s social hormone production, which is augmented during massage. Hormones such as oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine, responsible for elevating mood and feelings of happiness, are released. You and your partner will surely grow closer after the massage as a result.
If you want to reserve a couples massage in up state NY, trust the LMTs at EynsMassage to do everything possible to make your experience enjoyable. They perform a range of massages, including Swedish, deep tissue, and Shiatsu. You’ll learn firsthand the many ways massage can improve your mind, body, and spirit in their newly renovated center. To book an appointment in one of their private rooms, call (518) 396-6363. Visit them online for a closer look at available treatments, and stay connected on Facebook for announcements at eynsmassage@gmai.com .

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