5 Benefits of Scheduling a Weekly Massage

5 Benefits of Scheduling a Weekly Massage  July 12, 2018

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Whether you’re stressed out from work or on a vacation, a massage is the self-care solution. The relaxing act can be much more than an occasional treat, however. Booking more frequent massages has many health benefits.
How Weekly Massages Help Your Mind & Body

1. Nurse Muscles

Getting a massage doesn’t just feel good; it does you good too. A session can reduce inflammation in your muscles and revitalize your body, giving the energy to continue to shine at work or make the most of your vacation.
2. Boost Brain Power

Although what first comes to mind when you think of a massage might be muscle relief, the treatment has been shown to boost brain function as well. One study showed that getting a massage helps reduce anxiety, increases alertness, and even sharpens math skills!
3. Battle Insomnia

The stresses of a hectic work week can be disastrous for your sleep pattern. If you’re unable to drift off after a long day, a massage could help you catch some much needed Z’s. Massages increase your serotonin levels, a chemical that helps you get a good night’s rest.
massage4. Relive Pain

The increased serotonin in your body also acts as a natural pain killer. Aches and pains won’t seem nearly as bad after some time on the massage table.
5. Fight Illness

You don’t want to waste vacation time recovering from sickness. Booking some table time not only helps you enjoy your time off, but also increases the circulation of white blood cells. While you’re getting the kinks worked out, your body’s defenses are strengthened!
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