How to Massage Your Foot — Part 1: Supplies

How to Massage Your Foot — Part 1: Supplies

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To massage your foot, there are no special supplies needed, however there are some supplies to make it expecially nice. Find out how to give yourself a wonderful foot massage.

Foot massage. It feels so good.

Our feet are often forgotten.

We do carry a lot of stress in our feet, but really, few of us would notice. Yet when we get a foot massage, it feels so good that it can relax our whole body.

Supplies to Massage Your Feet

When you give yourself a foot massage, you don’t need any special supplies at all.

However, many people like to use a massage oil because they can stroke their skin without pulling. If you like oil, try a pure vegetable oil like sweet almond or jojoba. Even olive oil will do in a pinch. Add a few drops of essential oils–try lavender or geranium–to make it especially nice. Be sure to rub all of it in so you don’t slip.

An alternative to oil is lotion. As a lubricant for massage, lotions are perfectly fine. However, I encourage you to read the label. You will probably be surprised at the chemical list! Pre-made lotions and oils often smelll nice and have a nice consistency, but it is at a cost to your health. If you love your lotion, use it. If you can make a change, change to something more pure and natural.

Some people do not like to have their feet “slimed up” with oil. If you still would like something to smooth over your skin, try corn starch or cornmeal. Corn starch feels soft and slick. Corn meal gives a little extra zing from the coarseness, like walking on a sandy beach. An added bonus is that it exfoliates as well. Either is a good alternative to oil.

A cornmeal foot massage

To use cornmeal in a foot massage, place a towel on the floor to collect the mess. Find some container which is roughly foot sized. Pour some cornmeal in and start massaging.

For added pleasure, heat the cornmeal in the oven before using. And for even more luxury, put a couple of drops of essential oils in the corn meal and mix.

To use cornstarch, put the cornstarch in a shaker and shake!

Rolling a tennis ball for a foot massage

Finally, sometimes it is nice to special massage toys to pamper your feet. One of the simplest is a tennis ball. You can stand on it and roll it around. Don’t forget to focus on the arches.

The next step is the fun part. Move on to “Part 2: Techniques to Massage Your Foot” to find out some nice spots that have you sighing “Ahhh” after a hard day.

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