How to Massage Your Foot — Part 2: Techniques

How to Massage Your Foot — Part 2: Techniques

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Not having someone to massage your foot is no reason to forgo a massage. Here are some simple techniques to revive your feet, to get rid of pain from pointy shoes, and to relax after a hard day.

Techniques to Massage Your Foot

Techniques to massage your foot are not difficult. You look for sore, tender spots, and lovingly massage them. If it feels good, do it more. If it feels bad, ask yourself “Is this ‘good’ bad or is this ‘bad’ bad?” The answers will give you the obvious clues.

Sore spots that hurt can use a more gentle massage. If you press on a sore spot, go very slowly, easing into the pressure.

Uncomfortable massages, ones that pull your skin or leave bruises, need other adjustments. Try a different massage oil. Use your fingers and not a massage tool. It’s pretty straight-forward.

Begin to Massage Your Foot

Pressure points for a foot massage

Start by massaging the pressure points on the soles of your foot.

Applying pressure to the foot massage pressure points

Apply pressure as deeply as you enjoy. Feel free to experiment. Pay special attention to any place that feels tender or sore. Dote on any place that feels good.

This is not rocket science, so don’t worry about exact point location. You’ll know when you hit a spot that says “Yes!” to you.

Remember your arches and rub the arch all the way from your heel to the ball of your foot.

Protect your Thumb!

Do not use your thumb so hard that it becomes sore and then it, too, will need a massage. If you are pressing hard and putting undo strain on your thumb, fingers or wrists, try rolling a tennis ball under your foot. It may save your hands for other activities.

Flexing your toes during a foot massage

Extending your toes during a foot massage

Bend your toes back and forth to their full range of motion.

Spreading your foot during a foot massage

“Spread” the foot by grabbing each side and pulling outward. Move from your arches, to the balls of your foot, to the toes. This is especially nice if you have had tight shoes on all day.

Pulling the big toe during a foot massage

Pull your toes.

Pull them. Wiggle them. Get them moving.

Massage the sides of each toe and the space between the toes. Massage the tops and bottoms of each toe.

Grabbing your heel during a foot massage

Grab your heel and squeeze.

Massaging the top of your foot

Massage the top of your foot. Here is where some massage oil or cornstarch may be very nice because the skin is more delicate. Pay attention to the grooves between the bones of the foot. Starting where your foot meets your leg, make gentle circular motions with your fingers in each groove, moving up your foot to the toes.

Now go back to anything you thought was fabulous, and do it again!

A foot massage is a great way to stop the pace of your day. While you are at it, think of other little luxuries which calm you. Now is a great time to get out your nail polish and gussy up those nails.

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