What Is a Shiatsu Massage?

What Is a Shiatsu Massage?

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Shiatsu massages are originated from Japan and rely solely on the use of finger pressure to certain points on the body, rocking movements, stretches, and joint rotations to re-energize the body. This form of massage is about the body as a whole instead of just focusing on one area. Shiatsu increases the body’s ability to heal itself.

What Is Shiatsu & How Does It Work
Shiatsu is a form of massage where the massage therapist targets many parts of the body using his/her fingers, palms, and thumbs to heal and correct the body. It is a form of relaxation, stress relieve, and even treating illness/pain. Some things that are treatable with Shiatsu are arthritis, joint problems, sciatica, acute & chronic neck & back pains, sinusitis, and bronchitis. Overall, this technique involves pressure being applied to points on the body in order to heal them by creating energy flow & correcting all the disharmonies in the body. Massage sessions usually last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Also, you can control the pressure by telling the therapist accordingly.


Benefits of Shiatsu
Shiatsu is very beneficial with all the healing it provides. It not only heals the body but does a lot to heal the mind too. Besides re-energizing the body and helping those overcome fatigue & weakness, some other benefits of Shiatsu include helping with insomnia, digestive problems, poor posture, headache relieve, coughs & colds, morning sickness, sprain injuries, and improving circulation. Even if you do not have any issues, it is still very relaxing, so why not give it a try?

How Is Shiatsu Different from Other Massages
Shiatsu is a special form of massage therapy; however, it uses techniques from other methods too. Methods such as osteopathy, lymphatic drainage, and physiotherapy all have similar techniques as Shiatsu. What differentiates them from these other methods though is that Shiatsu contains helping with physical and mental health conditions, diseases, and prevention of energy flow throughout the body.

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