Why You Shouldn’t Get a Massage Right After a Big Meal

Why You Shouldn’t Get a Massage Right After a Big Meal

November 22, 2018

From trumedic.com

Why You Shouldn’t Get a Massage Right After a Big Meal

Massage Therapy can be great for both physical and mental health. It can improve circulation, loosen up tight and sore muscles, and stimulate the production of important mood-regulating hormones.

A massage is meant to be a relaxing experience, allowing patients to forget their stressors while they are immersed in the relieving sensation. Preparing for a massage does not require a significant amount of effort, but one thing you should definitely avoid is eating a big meal right beforehand.

Reason 1: Indigestion  

The body is meant to digest food in an upright position to prevent irritating indigestion and other symptoms like acid reflux. The last thing you want during your massage is a burning sensation in the back of your throat. 

Reason 2: Bloating

The massage will almost certainly involve somebody pressing down on your back or even your stomach, which will only exacerbate the discomfort of bloating.

Reason 3: Bathroom Breaks

This presents an ultimatum; do you break up your massage by using the bathroom, or ruin the quality of your massage by dealing with the discomfort of holding it in until the end? 

You certainly do not have to (nor should you) fast before a massage for any extended period of time. Many Massage Therapists recommend eating a light meal an hour or two before your treatment to hold you over until afterwards, when they will recommend you drink plenty of fluids and eat a nutritious meal.

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