Five Reasons Why A Couples Massage Will Benefit

Five Reasons Why A Couples Massage Will Benefit You and Your Partner

Valentine’s Day seems to pass so quickly that people barely get the chance to spend time with that special someone and show them how they feel. A great way to show that affection is by scheduling an activity for you both to enjoy, such as a couple’s massage. With massage therapy, you and your loved one will be able to properly unwind and enjoy each other’s company while receiving the pampering you both deserve.

EynsMassage offer a 30 to 90-minute couples massage therapy sessions at affordable rates, so you and your significant other can have the time you need to get away from the daily stressors of life. Here are some of the ways you and your partner can benefit from a couples massage:

  1. A New Experience to Try Together

We know that there are many people out there that have never experienced a massage before. It is often seen as an experience that is uncomfortable or intimidating to undertake alone. However, a couple’s massage can be an excellent way to introduce your partner or even yourself to something different and beneficial to your physical and mental well-being.

  1. Strengthen Your Bond

The memories or emotions drawn from a certain life event can be intensified when it is shared with someone. This goes especially well for positive experiences. Enjoying something new or refreshing with someone close can deepen the bond you have together. It also means that a relaxing experience could be twice as good if you share it with your partner, which can lead to a more intimate and healthier relationship.

  1. Create a Lasting Intimacy

When you share a period of soothing relief and calm with your partner, you both may begin to relate those sensations with each other. Massages also increase the level of certain chemicals in the body, including serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin, which are all associated with feelings of contentment, pleasure, and physical attraction. Therefore, a couple’s massage with your partner can potentially result in a greater amount of mutual affection long after your appointment.

  1. Have a Break from the Routine

Whether it be from matters at home or the workplace, everyone needs time to relax away from the pressures of our daily lives bring. During a massage with your partner, the two of you can spend time in a place that is purely for your enjoyment and relaxation. Even a short amount of time in such a place can amend all sorts of stress that you both share from the time prior to your session. Each muscle kneaded and firmly pressed can relieve you of any physical ailments and tension

  1. Get Some Time to Spend Together

Tending to the constant routine of work or school, running errands and more, it may be hard for couples to find time to spend together. While a couple’s massage may not be considered as “alone-time” with your partner, it is a chance for you both to talk and reconnect in a relaxing environment. Scheduling a couple’s massage is a way to enjoy each other’s company in a much more manageable way.

Plan A Couples Massage with us soon!

EynsMassage is a place for couples and individuals to grow and find a healthier, better way of living. We provide a range of treatments made to fit the needs of each of our customers. Our couples massage therapy services take place in a calm and relaxing environment or in your home so that you and your partner can attain optimal restfulness and contentment by the end of your session.

Book a consultation with an EynsMassage Therapy professional today! Contact us at (518)396-6363 to make an appointment today.

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