Some small changes to a healthier life.

Some small changes to the way you think could make a huge difference to your physical wellbeing. There is an obvious connection between the way your brain thinks and the way you feel physically. And just like you can use your body to reduce psychological stress, you can use your mind to help your body.

Rewiring your mind and taking control of your thoughts can drastically improve your physical health. Positive thinking won’t cure everything, of course, but a healthy mind is vital to a healthy body. 

A few things to try: 

If you decide to take a pain reliever (whatever your choice) because you have a headache, tell yourself it’s going to work. Even if it’s a sugar pill, you’re likely to feel better after taking it because you’ve told yourself it will help. Countless studies have shown the power of the placebo effect.

Keep a gratitude journal. Make a list of three things you’re grateful for before you go to bed. Research has linked gratitude to better quality and longer lasting sleep.

Feeling like you have a reason to get out of bed every morning just may be the secret to longevity, so find something that gives you a purpose. Studies shows that people who believe their lives are meaningful live healthier, longer lives.

Have a hopeful outlook and you’ll experience a boost in your immunity. Research has shown that optimistic people are less likely to get sick. Looking on the bright side of things keeps your immune system performing at its best.

Mediation can help combat the harmful effects of stress on your body. It can also slow down the aging process. There are countless benefits from meditation, no matter your age.

To maintain a healthy heart, think about something funny. Studies have shown that laughter decreases stress hormones, increases “good” cholesterol, and reduces artery inflammation. And the positive effects of laughter last for 24 hours!

We can all improve our mental strength. With practice, these shifts in thinking could be the key to a long, happy life.

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