You Can Get Through Your Grief By Following These Small Steps

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You Can Get Through Your Grief By Following These Small Steps

If you are having trouble getting through your grief after the passing of a loved one, you aren’t alone. All of us struggle with loss at one time or another. Even though we know that our departed loved ones have gone to a better place and are no longer sick or unhappy on this Earth, it is still sad to know that they are no longer with us. 

However, you must find a way to try and move on, and you can by setting small goals and taking it one step at a time. Today, Eyns Massage shares some tips to help make your grief a little easier to bear.

Create a Nonprofit to Help Others With Similar Conditions

Even though you cannot do more for your loved one who has passed on, you can make a difference for other people who may be battling the same illness or may be close to experiencing the same fate. A nonprofit is a great way to help others in need, and by supporting them, you will feel better in your heart. As a nonprofit, you could provide support to existing organizations, like local volunteer programs or the hospital that helped your loved one in their time of need. Another idea is to start a charity where you raise funds for people with similar conditions.

When you start a nonprofit, you get many perks that you may not find with a traditional company. For example, you will have the option to apply for public funding and grants, so you can get the money that you need to get your organization off of the ground. Also, if you incorporate your nonprofit, then you can protect your board members from personal liability if something negative were to happen. Keep in mind that you will need to put in some legwork, including creating your bylaws and deciding how voting will work. It can be a lot to remember, so consider hiring a formation service to get you through the red tape.

After that, it’s time to advertise! A great way to get the word out is by creating a PDF filled with information and eye-catching photos about your nonprofit, which you can then send out via email and share with online groups that have a common interest. If you aren’t sure how to get started with PDFs, you can edit them for free using this program.

Spend Time in Support Groups

Another way to cope with the loss of a loved one is to spend time talking to people who truly care about your feelings and can help you to get past the grief. Oftentimes, friends and family can be the best people to turn to as they may be going through the same pain that you are. By gathering together, you can lean on one another and get through the pain as a team. 

If your family and friends are not providing the support that you need, then you may need to reach out to an organized support group in your community where you can openly speak about your grief. If you do not have the confidence to speak in front of others, then at least make it a habit to write out your feelings in a journal every night so you are not tossing and turning when you should be getting good sleep.

Relax Your Body and Mind

Our bodies and minds are very interconnected, so take advantage of ways to relax them both. Schedule a session with a local massage therapist, like Eyns Massage. Some massage therapists will come to your home while others invite you to their location. You can even share that you are grieving, as that may influence how they tailor the message to your needs.  

Incorporating yoga or meditation into your routine can also be very beneficial. Yoga is great because it helps you to stretch so you feel better overall, but it also allows you to be one with your thoughts so you can think of the joy you had with your loved one while also working through the grief on your own time.

Make it a Habit to Exercise or Meditate

It’s always a good idea to be proactive and incorporate positive behaviors into your routine whenever possible. For example, a good goal that you can set for yourself is to start getting into the habit of exercising every day. Start with walking through your neighborhood or local shopping areas. If you live in an area with a high walk score, this step will be easy because so many things are available nearby. Try walking to a cafe for your morning cup of coffee or to pick up a few items at the neighborhood grocery store. The socialization will also do you good.

By waking up and incorporating 20 minutes of cardio or light weights, you will improve your physical health while also giving yourself time to clear your mind so you can take on a new day without that extra stress. 

Get Help Settling Your Loved One’s Affairs

When someone passes away, whether suddenly or after a prolonged illness, there are always affairs to be settled. Choosing a local funeral home is a good start, as they will be able to handle the arrangement for you. If your loved one had a business, you will likely need help transferring ownership or closing the business. Unless the business owner assigned rights to someone else before their passing, it will likely fall to their spouse or children to make these decisions. Look for a service that will help you decide on a full or partial sale and to complete the accompanying paperwork.

Choose Your Path Towards Healing

As you can see, there are many small goals and steps that you can set and take to work through your emotions and start to heal. Consider journaling and talking to your support group, and engage in massage, yoga, or meditation to calm your body and mind. You might even consider starting a nonprofit as a way to help others through similar experiences. Whatever path you choose, follow it to help yourself heal and move forward.

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