Eyns Hypnotism

Hello And welcome to my Hypnotism therapy page

Why did I become a Hypnotist?

I’ve always had a fascination with hypnotism and the powers of the mind, How it can fight us like a child and not allow us to happy or content with our lives. Using hypnotism I have been able to help people from all walks of life heal and benefit from my work. I empower people and give them tools to get over or come to terms with the problem there having difficulties with.

If your interested in a session give me a call! 518-795-4142 or email me at hypnosiseyn@gmail.com

Why not try Hypnotism?
  • Hypnotism can help in so many ways.
  • What do you have to lose?
  • Your unconscious can be your friend or enemy without even trying.
  • You are in control, you are not able to do anything your not willing to do.
  • It allows for bad habits or addictions to be Conquered if you really want too.
  • It can help with anxiety and stress that’s out of control.
  • You can find out things about yourself that you didn’t realize were affecting your life in good ways and bad.
  • Your privacy is absolute and anything that comes up in a session is completely private.
  • Respect and trust are key, so there are no joking around when in session.
  • You are always in control.
  • People hold a lot of stress and pain, my job is help you release and heal however works best for you.