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Life gets busy, And with all that come stress , tension, Pains, and more. When you’re feeling less than ideal, let our massage therapist at EynsMassage show you how to deliver the relief your body needs. Because when your body is working better, You can start living a better life. The demands of daily life can be super taxing on your body. That’s why it pays to take care of it. EynsMassage will help you keep your body running smoothly, so you can run that half marathon. Or a full day of stressful errand running and super person action.

Massage therapist’s at EynsMassage are looking to evolve your massage experience through personalization, whether you are an athlete, 9-5 worker, or anybody in between, our therapist have dedicated themselves to helping people like you feel your best. EynsMassage  was created by Eyn C. Fessenden LMT, EynsMassage is committed to helping many people with various problems from all walks of life and ages. Like children and to pregnant women, car accident victims, people with work injuries, weekend athletes, the elderly, people looking for relaxation or stress relief and more.

At EynsMassage we believe Massage is a very versatile tool for helping people become healthy and stay healthy. We also believe in it’s natural, non-invasive healing, it also has no side effects when done properly, and has an abundance of benefits. That’s why we are excited about being a massage therapist and offering Every Body a way to take advantage of those benefits, so we can all enjoy healthier and happier life.

our therapists have witnessed the amazing changes and improvements they experienced, not just in their health, but overall well-being, energy level and quality of life

Massage has achieved great results working with people suffering from

– headaches and migranes

– neck, shoulder and back pain

– leg, hip, knee and foot pains

– numbness and tingling symptoms

– chronic pain or multiple injuries that have not healed properly


It is my belief that with regular exercise, proper nutrition and a positive attitude towards life, we do not have to grow older with chronic pain or live in a state of dis-ease. I consider it an honor to aid in a client’s wellness and to facilitate healing whether through delivering pain relief or simply a relaxing, rejuvenating massage.

Did you know your bodies adapt to stresses placed on them – gravity, labor, emotional tension, etc? Most of the adapting is an unconsious process, it’s amatter of habit. We learn to move in certain ways, we do the same activities over and over, and habitual ‘holding patterns’ emerge. Frequently these habits are not optimal. The result is that we are prone to pains, injuries, poor posture, low energy, and high stress.

Massage re-educates the body, giving new feelings to the unconsious nerve centers controlling muscle tension and posture. It makes us aware of patterns of tension in the body, and allows us to bring those patterns back into balance.  It releases restrictions in tight muscles and fascia, ‘wakes up’ lazy muscles ‘sleeping on the job,’ and gives the body an experience of what it feels like to work with comfort, ease, and structural integrity.
So what are you waiting for?

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