Why Massage Therapy and Yoga are a Perfect Combo

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It makes sense that two of the best stress reducing activities work even better in combination, but why is that? Here at the Myotherapy College of Utah, our massage college therapists encourageclients to receive a massage either before or after their yoga sessions.

Massage therapy and yoga are a great combination that, when combined, benefit both our mental and physical health.

What They Have in Common?

Massage Therapy and Yoga What They Have in Common

Did you know that yoga is a form of self-massage? You actually massage the internal organs when you perform yoga through bending and twisting the body. Both yoga and massage therapy are used to massage the body-just in different ways. Another similarity is that both of these activities are used to detoxify the body by increasing blood flow.

Benefits of Combining Them 

Benefits of Combining Them Massage Therapy and Yoga

Combining massage therapy and yoga offers many benefits. The question is, should you get a massage before or after doing yoga? Well, there are benefits either way. On the one hand, many people find that getting a massage before their yoga class helps them get deeper into their stretches.

Getting a massage before your yoga class will increase blood flow and supply to your muscles, resulting in an increase in the length of the outside layer of your muscles and help you stretch further.

On the other hand, receiving a massage after yoga class is helpful because it allows your massage college therapist to decrease the amount of lactic acid that builds up in the body after exercise. This helps the body recover more quickly in addition to helping you relax after your workout.

Whether you book an appointmentat at EynsMassag before or after a yoga session, you will experience numerous benefits.

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Why Massage Therapy and Yoga are a Perfect Combo

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